Follow Me

Jesus call’d the rugged fishers
By the sea of Galilee,
“If thou wouldst be my disciple,
Leave thy nets and follow me.”
So his gentle voice is calling,
Weary sinner, calling thee,
“Leave the world and sin behind you,
Take thy cross and follow me.”

Up the mountain side so dreary,
Echoing down the rocky steep,
Hear the Shepherd’s voice so tender,
Calling for his wand’ring sheep;
“Sheep of mine, why art thou straying
On the mountains bleak and cold?
Follow me, I’ll safely lead you
To the shelter of the fold.”

 “I have watched thee growing weary
In the desert wastes of sin;
I have yearned to have thee near me,
And have tried thy heart to win.
I would give thee peace and comfort,
Rest from all this sin and strife,
Follow me, and I will guide thee,
I’m the Way, the Truth, the Life.”

 “Follow closely in my footprints,
To the right or left ne’er stray;
Straight the gate, the way is narrow,
But it leads to endless day.
In my Father’s house in glory,
Mansions fair are waiting thee;
Give thy wary wand’rings over,
Take thy cross and follow me.”